Banner High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Industrial LED Lighting Provides Bright, Even Illumination

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Banner’s industrial LED lights Banner’s industrial LED lights provide a simple lighting solution that can reduce costs, improve product quality and increase efficiency. Our LED lights are bright, durable and have ultra-long lifetimes for greater than 50,000 hours of continuous working life. LED lights use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, significantly reducing […]

Banner Engineering Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel LED Lights Provide Superior Protection From Oil, Chemical and Water in Extremely Harsh Conditions

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Minneapolis, MN—August 26, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces a stainless steel version of its WLC60 heavy-duty LED lights . Designed for use in extremely harsh conditions, the WLC60SS protects against caustic solutions, acids and detergents often found in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and marine applications. For enhanced chemical resistance, the WLC60SS is available with either a durable […]

TURCK Offers New Stainless Steel Sensors for Compact Applications

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Minneapolis, MN—July 29, 2014—TURCK is proud to announce the addition of new 4mm and 5mm barrel sensors to its existing lineup. The new Turck Stainless Steel Sensor EG05K and EH04K are 15mm shorter than the standard EG05 and EH04, which allow the new offering to be used in applications previously not possible. This new, more […]